Pixelmon for Minecraft 1.8.3

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The Pokemon inside Minecraft!

Pixelmon for Minecraft will convert your Minecraft into something really crazy, in the best sense of the word, because what it does is offer you dozens of Pokémon to place in your Minecraft maps, and then let play with them.

Pixelmon for Minecraft gives you the opportunity to incorporate more than 100 Pokémon into your virtual Minecraft world, with their attacks (more than 500), and the famous pokeballs, logos, etc. If you're a fan of Minecraft, you'll love Pixelmon! And if you also really like Pokémon, be prepared to have a great time, and don't forget your friends because it incorporates a multiplayer mode too.

Moreover, Pixelmon for Minecraft incorporates the Pokedex system in which you can easily store and organize all your items to play with all the Pokémon in Minecraft. And you can be sure that all the Pokemon come with all their skills, attributes, damage, armour, aggression and training intact. You can even catch some of them in the wild. What a great mix! Download the one and only Pokemon mod now, because it's totally free.

NOTE: To install Pixelmon for Minecraft, you need to download Modloader and the Minecraft Forge API. Once this has been done, be sure to copy and paste the Pixelmon and Minecraft Forge API files into the folder marked "minecraft.jar", and delete the META-INF.


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